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CityZOR Opt Out Guide

Our comprehensive guide to removing your data from CityZOR

Quick Opt Out Guide

1. Check CityZOR Home Page

First check CityZOR's website to see if your data is exposed. You can visit and use their search functionality to see if your data is present in their database.

2. CityZOR Opt Out Email Address

CityZOR opt out email address is:

3. Submit an Opt Out Form with CityZOR

Submit the data brokers opt out form which can be found here:

Opt Out of CityZOR

CityZOR is one of the top data brokers that publicly displays your personal identifiable information ranging from phone numbers and residential addresses to more sensitive data like criminal records, family ties, and property specifics.

Some of this data can be accessed at no cost, while others may involve a minimal fee. Their platform champions the principle that data has a significant positive role in our digital world. Yet, the presence of your personal details on such databases can potentially leave you vulnerable to threats like identity theft or financial scams. To delist yourself from CityZOR, you'll need to complete an opt-out form available on their site, and then confirm your intent to opt-out through a phone call. After this process, CityZOR typically expunges your data within a day.

Options for Opting Out

Manual Opt Out

You can process your own manual opt out from CityZOR. This will only remove your data from CityZOR and any of their affiliated websites.

Erase Me Privacy Essentials is 100% free to start removing your data with one click. Register for an account to get started.

Erase Me Pro

Erase Me Pro automates this process for you. We will opt you out from CityZOR and hundreds of other data brokers. We will also monitor your data and ensure that it is not reuploaded to any of these sites. We will also remove your data from any of the affiliated websites that CityZOR sells your data to.

Manual Opt Out Steps


Search For Your Data on CityZOR

Follow this link to search for your data on their website:


Determine if Your Data Exists

Before processing any opt outs, ensure your data already exists on their platforms.


Send Opt Out Email

Once you have determined that your data is present on their website, you can proceed with sending an opt out email

Send Opt Out Email


Submit Opt Out Form

Submiting an opt out form is a databrokers favorite way for you to process opt outs. Send Opt Out Email .


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Erase Me Stats

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We Erase You From The Inter net

Protect Privacy

Ensure your home address and phone number never end up in the wrong hands.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing no one will be able to find your personal information online.

Safeguard Your Future

Make certain your data privacy protection for yourself and your loved ones.

Enforce Your Privacy Rights

You have the legal right to digital privacy. We exercise your privacy rights to the fullest extent.

What makes Erase Me different?

Our Competitors
Erase Me values privacy over profit.

We believe that everyone should have access to take control of their data. Our service is 100% free to use forever. If you want to save yourself time and the headache of dealing with data brokers, we can handle the task for you with Erase Me Pro.
No Affiliation to Data Brokers



Erase Me is not affiliated with any data brokers and never will be.

Many of the founders of other similar services formerly worked as data brokers!

The same people who helped to leak your data all over the internet are the same ones profiting from helping you to clean it up.

We are industry outsiders and never have participated in the industry of selling your personal data.
U.S. Based Company


🇳🇱 🇫🇷 🇺🇦

Erase Me is a U.S. based company.

Surprisingly, many similar services, which target U.S. based customers, are companies from other countries.

How can you trust a foreign company to truly understand the American legal system and have the best interest of U.S. based customers?

U.S. Customer Support


🇮🇳 🇵🇭

Erase Me is a U.S. based company with U.S. based data removal service.

Why would you trust off shore customer service with your data?

Most of our competitors immediately outsource their data removal services to other countries.

Satisfied Customers

I recently used Erase Me's service and I have to say, I'm thoroughly impressed! The process was incredibly easy and straightforward, and the level of service was top-notch. They really did get everything removed FAST!

Jordan H.


Recently there was an agressive individual at my workplace. They kept showing up unannounced and requesting to speak with me. One day this person made some comments about where I live including my exact address. That really freaked me out. It wasn't until then that I realized my data was exposed on data brokers all over the internet.

Tamara C.


I have been dealing with data brokers on and off for years now. Some how they keep getting a hold of my data to open new accounts. My credit has been affected horribly by this. Once I discovered that data brokers were leaking my data, Erase Me helped me to get it all removed fast.

Mary P.

V.P. Finance

Have you tried googling yourself recently? I was shocked to see how much of my personal information was available online. I'm glad I found Erase Me. They helped me to remove my information from TruthFinder and a handful of other data brokers. Now my information does not show up in google when I search for it.

Sheryl M.

In-House Counsel

I was looking for a new job and I was worried about my personal information being available online. I didn't want my current employer to find out I was looking for a new job. Erase Me helped me to remove my information from data brokers and now I feel much more comfortable.

Saul G.


Customer Reviews

Quickly Removed Info

This service rapidly wiped my personal details from the web. They regularly check that my data doesn't reappear. Awesome job.

Responsive Support Team

The customer service is excellent here. Email queries are answered fast and thoughtfully. I happily recommend them.

Fast Turnaround

I urgently used this after delays with another company. They reacted quickly unlike the competitor. Canceled the slower service.

Patient and Thorough

Support kindly helped with my questions. I have old accounts with name change limits. This lets me use all previous emails and addresses.

Extremely Satisfied

A quick thank you for diligently keeping my data secure online. I really appreciate it and will refer others.

Dramatic Spam Reduction

My spam has massively decreased thanks to this fantastic service!

Appreciative User

I'm very grateful for everything done. I still get random texts - could you help with those and my number? I dislike constantly changing it.

First-Rate Service So Far

The latest reports look great! We'd love to thank the team handling our accounts. You exceed the competitors.

Better Than Competitors?

Is your service superior to DeleteMe? They did not fully remove my data. Thank you.

Larger Data Footprint Than Expected

I've manually removed my info for years. This found way more listings and deleted most now. Helpful before/after PDFs provided.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Erase Me is a U.S. based company with the single goal of helping you to remove as much information as possible from Data Broker and other data collection websites.

    We believe that what Data Brokers do for business is just wrong. We are passionate about creating solutions that are simple and scalable to help the largest number of people. Our goal is to make everyone feel like they have a sense of control over who has access to their personal and private information.

  • Erase Me is very simple. You sign up for an account with Erase Me and we handle the rest.

    With your Erase Me account we opt you out of over 230+ data brokers and other data collection websites. We automate the process using our specially developed algorithms and software. We also provide you with a dashboard to monitor your progress.

    Once you sign up there, we ask you to provide some additional information in your privacy profile and that is it.

  • Some data brokers will comply with our requests immediately, others make the process intentionally difficult and can take some time.

    We are able to complete the majority of the work within 90 days. But some data brokers may take 6-12 months to fully remove.

    We are a 100% U.S. based company and we do not oursource your information to offshore labor like our competitors.

    It takes us some time to get through all 230+ data brokers for each account. We initially target some of the largest data brokers which often removes many of the listings easily found on Google.

    Most of your data will be removed in the first few weeks of working together, but the process can take up to a few months to complete thoroughly.

  • Data brokers are companies that collect and sell personal information about you. They collect information from a variety of sources, including public records, social media, and websites. They then sell this information to other companies, who use it to target you with advertisements and other marketing materials. Data brokers are often referred to as "data aggregators" or "data resellers."

  • Data brokers collect a variety of information about you, including your name, address, phone number, email addresses, and relatives. Data brokers often have information related to you dating back 20+ years. Data brokers scrape public records, such as court filings or voter registrations, to collect information about you. Any information about you publicly exposed will be collected and sold by these websites.

  • By paying for Erase Me you get the peace of mind knowing that this process is all being managed for you and that it will be completed thoroughly. It is a small price to pay for ensuring your data is not publicly exposed and available for everyone to see.

  • We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We offer full refunds prorated for the time and effort our team has put in based on each payment period. For details, please visit our refund policy

  • To cancel your subscription please access our billing portal here. Please note this only works if you have an active subscription with Erase Me.

    Otherwise please send us an email and we will get it taken care of for you.