Refund Policy

Last updated: January 31th, 2024

At Erase Me, we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service to our customers. We stand behind our promise of 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service, please review our refund policy below.

This Refund Policy governs the conditions under which refunds may be issued for contracts (hereinafter referred to as "Contracts") entered into between the subscriber (hereinafter referred to as "Subscriber") and First Peak, LLC dba Erase Me (hereinafter referred to as "Provider"), regarding the subscription-based access to software and services offered by the Provider.

1. Refund Eligibility Period:

  • Refunds shall be granted for Contracts within a period not exceeding thirty (30) days from the date of the Original Purchase. The Original Purchase is defined as the initial transaction undertaken by the Subscriber for the procurement of a subscription under the terms of the Contract.

2. Service Term:

The Service Term is defined as the duration of the subscription service, as stipulated in the Contract. The Service Term commences on the date of the Original Purchase and concludes upon the expiration of the subscription period, as detailed in the Contract. The Service Term may be subject to automatic renewal, as specified in the Contract.
Monthly Subscriptions: The Service Term for monthly subscriptions is thirty (30) days from the date of the Original Purchase. Each subsequent renewal period is also thirty (30) days.
Annual Subscriptions: The Service Term for annual subscriptions is twelve (12) months from the date of the Original Purchase. Each subsequent renewal period is also twelve (12) months.

2. Conditions for Refund:

To qualify for a refund, the Subscriber must effectuate the cancellation of their Subscription Renewal within the Refund Eligibility Period, which encompasses the entire Service Term. Subscription Renewal pertains to the continuation of the subscription service, whether automatically or manually initiated, beyond its initial term as detailed in the Contract.

3. Limitation on Refunds:

Each Contract is subject to a single Service Term, thereby precluding the issuance of multiple refunds for previous Service Terms. Requests for additional refunds beyond the most recent Service Term for the same Contract will not be honored.

Refunds may be prorated based on the duration of the Service Term that has transpired. The prorated refund amount shall be calculated by dividing the remaining days in the Service Term by the total number of days in the Service Term, and multiplying the result by the total amount paid for the Service Term.

Refunds will be the remainder of the total amount paid for the Service Term, less the prorated amount, less standard payment processing fees of 2.9% + $0.30 of the total amount paid for the Service Term.

4. Process for Requesting Refunds:

    Subscribers may initiate the refund process via the Plans & Billing Section of their Account page, accessible on your Billing Portal. Alternatively, Subscribers may contact the Provider directly at and include the following information:
  • Subscriber Name
  • Subscriber Email Address
  • Stripe Purchase ID
  • Reason for Refund Request

5. Refund Timeframe:

Once a refund request is approved, the refund will be processed within 1-5 business days. Refunds will be issued to the original payment method used during purchase unless otherwise specified.

6. Exceptions:

  • Erase Me reserves the right to refuse a refund if it believes that a customer is acting in bad faith or if the service has been delivered as promised and the customer's dissatisfaction is due to reasons beyond our control.
  • Services that have been completed in full, with no outstanding deliverables, may not be eligible for a refund. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

7. Feedback:

We always strive to improve our services. While a refund request is in process, we appreciate any feedback that can help us understand your concerns better and improve our service offerings in the future.

We value your business and hope to address any concerns you might have. Our primary goal is to ensure you are satisfied with our service. If you have any questions regarding our refund policy or wish to discuss it further, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

This Refund Policy is intended to ensure a transparent and fair process for the issuance of refunds, upholding the integrity of the contractual relationship between the Subscriber and the Provider.

Thank You!

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